quote collector


I’m a words person, a quote collector. On my book shelf are two notebooks full of quotes- some funny, some serious, and some inspiring. What appeals most about other’s words is when it rings true to you in a way that you weren’t able to express until then.

This quote did that for me. Waiting is hard. This season of my life is a bit of a waiting game. While deciding whether or not to quit my old job and attend graduate school, my thought process went, “I have two years of work experience, that will help me find a job. It will take me a couple of years to finish my degree, there will be a ton of jobs by then. I’m super awesome, everyone will want to hire me.” Each has varying degrees of truth and basis in reality and yet I find myself in the place I tried to convince myself I wouldn’t-still job searching eight months after graduation.

It’s such a weird place. Job searching. My desired profession got more vague as I grew older. In first grade, my best friend and I were going to co-teach elementary school. She would teach reading  and social studies in the morning, I would teach math and science in the afternoon. We also discussed that when we each got  married we would be sure to do it during the summer as to not confuse the students. In fourth grade it was a marine biologist, in high school a doctor, finally ending up with a business degree. So practical, yet so unspecific.

This quote is such a helpful reminder that while this path isn’t clear to me yet, my direction is set. The plans have been made andI just have to be faithful. And so I wait while trying to remain diligent in applications, rewording cover letters, and being thankful for my receptionist job. Trying to wait with hope and with purpose.




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