Latent Blessings


This is Ana (left). She and her husband (right) were kind enough to open their home to my friend, Riley, and I while we stayed in the Eastern European village Sofievca, Moldova for a week to give out eyeglasses and provide a Bible school program for kids.


Spending a week in a rural, post-Soviet village was a perspective changing experience for me. This is Ana’s neighbor’s milk cow (above). We drank fresh milk and ate apricots and apples right off the trees behind Ana’s house. The food tasted incredible… It was also significantly more work to prepare than frozen red baron pizza.

Today, as I went to the grocery store and strolled easily through the various quadrants throwing blueberries, coconut milk, vanilla-caramel coffee creamer, and canned refried beans into my cart, I was struck by two things. First, the ease of my shopping experience, and second the opportunity to be grateful that I’ve missed out on until now. In my day to day life, I don’t give much thought to the fact that I don’t need to block off a couple hours to butcher and pluck a chicken for dinner. As I microwave milk and froth it in my coffee, I have never thought, “Wow! I’m glad I didn’t have to milk a cow for this creamy caffeine experience.”

I’m sure it won’t be long until I forget the way I saw people live in rural post-Soviet Europe. Therefore, I will write about more of these experiences. Gratefulness is liberating, but it definitely takes experiencing things like these AND remembering them for me to recognize the blessings I already have.





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