I love glasses. The marriage of fashion and function is beautifully expressed in transparent corrective lenses encircled by frames of character and purpose.

Image As a glasses wearer myself, I proudly dawn the frames that hold my lens of clarity each morning.


 The photos of glasses wearers sprinkled throughout this page are Moldovans. In a country with 98.5% literacy, so many waited 10 or 20 years for glasses so that they could read.


 Some, like the lady above, have advanced cataracts that can only be corrected by surgery. This surgery is common (and covered by medicare) in the US.


 Several of these people told me they wanted glasses so they could read God’s Word.

Image I didn’t realize the privilege I have to wear glasses specially made for me until I met hundreds, about 500, who didn’t have access to glasses.


It’s exciting to realize that God has blessed me with clear vision and His Word.


 The conclusion this leads me to is, what beautiful and practical purpose did God give the Moldovan’s and I glasses and his Word to achieve?




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