On a personal note…

After work today, I called the salon where a friend of mine had her bridesmaids hair appointments for her wedding. I spoke with the receptionist,

“The wedding was March 16th of this year. I had my hair done around 11ish in the morning by a super cute girl with short hair and tattoos. Do you know who it was?”

“Was it Sydney?” the receptionist asked. I thought so. Sydney wasn’t available today, so instead we scheduled with Justin for 4:15.

At 4:11 I arrived at the east branch of the salon for my appointment. I learned that I had actually made my appointment at the  west branch. This receptionist also informed me that Kylee, a very good hairstylist, had a cancellation and could work me in if I wanted. This is what I did (the receptionist cancelled my appointment at the west branch).

“Hiiiii!!!!!” Kylee said as she came to retrieve me for my haircut.

To my surprise, Kylee was the spunky bright-eyed stylist who fixed my hair for the wedding I was in! She was the long lost stylist I looked for all along!

Oh the providence of God. He is SO good at details and sparkling surprises! Today, I received a heaven-sent gift of bright-eyed, gaged ear-ed, spunky Kylee.



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