Yeshu Raja
Words by Mumtaz Masih, music by Hasan Ali Khan
Arrangement by Peter Hicks and Chris Hale

Yeshu Raja Trilo-ka Naa-tha
King Jesus, Lord of the three worlds
Deen dukhi ke tuma ho Vidhaata
You are the God of the wretched and distressed

Laaja sharam mori rakhiyo jagata mei
Protect my honor, save me from shame in the world
Tum bin nahi koi duja re
Without you there is no other

Paapin kaaran leeyo awatara
On account of sin you became incarnate
Diyo praan diyo chutkaara
You gave up your life and acquitted us

The word, trilok, means, the three worlds of sky, atmosphere, and earth, but can also refer to heaven, earth and the lower regions. The word also means, “the Universe.” Trilok Nath refers to “The Lord of the Three Worlds,” or the “Lord of the Universe.”

Yeshu Raja is one of my favorite bhajans (Hindu worship song) because of the lyrics. Aradhna writes and leads worship in Hindu style to worship Jesus (Yeshu in Hindi).



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