I set a goal about two years ago to develop a profitable hobby. Below, you will see some of the metamorphic phases of my dresser. The final product is unknown even to me…but hopefully I will finish it tomorrow. This project represents more than a dresser. One day, it could become my profitable hobby.

Blank Canvas

The above drawers anxiously await life giving color. My avid repurposing mother advised me to clean the surfaces of my dresser with TSP, which is a cleaning product, to improve adhesion when painting.

Dresser Awaits Painting

We moved the clean dresser parts into the garage for priming. My dad (pictured above) improved the structural integrity of the furniture with expert skill and some screws.


Prime. The dresser parts were primed in preparation for their new life of…

Behr Gem Turquoise

Gem Turquoise. I selected this color with my color-loving mom’s consultation because it is the truest turquoise of the Behr paints.

Home Depot Paint Counter

On to the Home Depot paint counter.

Gem Turquoise Applied

And back to the garage for color application.

Until next time, which may or may not yield the final product of a transformed dresser.




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