House Plants

Kitchen Herbs: An Experiment in Economical House Plants

Wouldn’t it be nice to have common herbs continually at your disposal? 

I thought so. This is why I have been planning to plant cilantro and parsley, two of my favorite herbs, in my kitchen. 

Unfortunately, my brief internet research lead me to the conclusion that neither of these herbs transplant well. Alas, I decided to try it anyway. 


Parsley (left) and Cilantro (right). Already, the cilantro looks a little haggard after sitting on my microwave for a week prior to the transplant event. 


According to my brief internet research about indoor herb growing, unglazed terra cotta containers are preferable. (Thank you Gardening Know How) It is also suggested to fill the bottom of the container with clean sand to allow water to move freely through the soil. 


Rocks are similar to sand? I think so. I put rocks in the bottom of my pots to increase the flow of moisture. 



Gardening Know How advises 4-5 hours of full sun for cilantro. Hopefully this window has approximately 4-5 hours of sun. 


This plant came from a friend. It has been rooting in a mason jar for a couple of months. 


Since I was planting herbs, it was a convenient time to pot this plant as well. 


I brought it back inside to sit in my kitchen by the window. 



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