the gel mani



I love a good manicure. Whether self-applied or professional it helps me feel more put together. I read an article in a beauty magazine that people notice your manicure before your make-up. While I’m not sure that is completely true, when you see someone with a nice paint job on their hands you kind of give them the benefit of the doubt even if they are looking a little shlumpy, am I right?

One problem. Chipping.

Ugh, one dish washing session later and adios lovely nails.

I know you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Mary Ann, just get a gel manicure already.” Well, here’s the thing. Nail injuries of any kind totally gross me out. Hearing about skin ailments, fine. Broken bones, bring it on. But injuries to one’s nails, on the fingers or toes, gag.

So I hesitated to get the gel mani having heard that, while it stays on like a dream, it tears up your nails leaving you more prone to the aforementioned nail injuries.

After much deliberation, I did it. Got the gel five days ago. And it stays one like a dream. This stuff is no joke. On an almost record breakingly warm January Sunday afternoon I washed two salt and ice melting chemical covered cars and my nail still look gorg.


But I am already anxious about when I have to take it off.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

p.s. this amazing “magic hands” linocut is by Jennifer Ament. Check out her stuff here.  



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